I'm more than an Animator,

and if you don't like the picture above, we're not going to get along.

This is the point where you're wondering "why should I choose you over the wealth of talent available?" — I'm focused on the process as much as I am the end product. Ego sucks, and I know that soft skills are just as important as talent, and to that end I'm always focused on being easily directable, fun to work with, responsive, and knowing when to push back vs. when to just shut up and do my freaking job. I love a good challenge (it's what drives me), and I'd rather work hard than waste time at my desk.

I can handle a wide range of projects from start to finish or any step along the way. My background in the agency world means I'm used to turning around great work on a tight timeline, and I'm "lit" "synergy" "hip" to all the "buzzwords". All joking aside, I can understand your goals beyond making pretty pictures, and I don't take feedback personally. I love being part of a team, but I'm also perfectly comfortable working solo when necessary.  

I'm an adventurer in all kinds of ways, and on the weekends you'll find me climbing (usually), breaking rusty bolts and cursing at my '87 Land Cruiser, or just gallivanting around the wilderness with my derp dog, Mowgli. I'm happiest when I'm challenged—which causes me to seek a life without compromise. Good thing I also love motion design & animation, because there's no money in climbing and I don't have a trust fund. 

Let's Work Together.