Hi, I'm Brent, a Denver-area Animator and Motion Graphic Designer.

I believe in letting the work do most of the talking, so check out my reel below, or if you're still interested in reading, head to my about page for more self-absorbed drivel about how I'm art directable and how I believe the process is as important as the results, etc.


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I'm an independent Motion Graphics Animator & Designer based in Golden, CO. I can handle a wide range of projects from start to finish or any step along the way. My background in the agency world means I'm used to turning around great work on a tight timeline. This also means I'm "lit" "synergy" "hip" to all the "buzzwords". All joking aside, I can understand your goals beyond making pretty pictures, and I don't take feedback personally. I love being part of a team, but I'm also perfectly comfortable working solo when necessary. Learn more on my about page.

About Me