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We made some weeeeird stuff for EVOL foods.

Strange and Wonderful Burrito Animations

Love is in the air. So are burrito cherubs. So watch out.

If there was a burrito pun that we at Room 214 didn't explore, with you as my witness, we failed. We produced a wide (and by that I mean wiiiiiiiide) range of irreverent, punny and downright weird content about burritos, mac & cheese, sandwiches, and more burritos. A couple more examples follow:

Mac & Cheese Ingredient Looping Video

I illustrated & animated these fun faux stop-motion ingredient pieces for evol's new Mac & Cheese flavor launches.

Microwave? More Like Microrave.

What else would a bunch'a cRaAaZy burritos get up to on new years eve other than short-circuit the microwave and have a crazy dance party?

evol = love

With a loose brief along the lines of 'we want some gifs', I worked with a producer & account person to concept, illustrate & animate these fun little .gifs. This project was my first ever attempt at frame-by-frame animation, and while it was fun, I think I'll stick to keyframes for the time being.

A Burrito Cupid.

Not that we needed cupid to love burritos any more.


Olympic fever had hit its highest point, and evol wanted to cash in on all the hype.

En Garde!
Soggy Tortilla? Bad Idea.

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