Trimble Dimensions

Concepting, Art Direction, Animation

The Trimble Vantage product team came to us with a big ask – transform a static illustration for an industry conference on an extremely tight deadline - less than a week from concept to final export.

Trimble Vantage

Who knew farming could be so beautiful?

Rush jobs can be stressful and leave everyone unhappy-but when you're working with illustration this beautiful, it's all worth it in the end. We had originally worked with the Vantage team to produce an infographic that was beautifully illustrated by Kevin at Brave Union. The Vantage team approached us at Room 214 to produce an animation for them for a massive industry conference – in less than a week. As anyone who's ever been part of any kind of conference is aware, everything is rushed, and constantly changes up until the last minute—and sure enough, that's what happened. We knew we had to work quickly and efficiently to prep, optimize, iterate, animate, and deliver the piece. From day 1 on the project, we had to keep the tight turnarounds and shifting requirements in mind as we put this piece together. I learned tons about file optimization, pre-renders, the advantages of assembling in Premiere, and how to deliver high-quality files in a hurry.

Project Responsibilities:

  • Concepting
  • Asset preparation
  • Animation
  • Final export & delivery
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