Hapyn Explainer Video

Animation, Add'l Design

A through-and-through explainer video for Hapyn, a group communication & collaboration app startup based in Boulder, CO.

What's Hapyning?

My first explainer video, that's what.

Hapyn approached Room 214 about creating an explainer video and landing page for their soon-to-be-launched app of the same name. We worked with award-winning art director & illustrator Brittany Hurdle, who took our storyboards & script and created beautiful styleframes & finished illustrations.


I took the delivered illustrations and prepped them for import & animation in After Effects. I had the pleasure to learn some new techniques to successfully animate this, including the creation of DUIK parallax rigs for a few scenes, and Joysticks n' Sliders to fluidly animate the head-turning animation. Learning Joysticks n' Sliders in particular was a great challenge with a great reward - learning how to think about animation in a procedural manner instead of just a frame-by-frame mindset saved huge amounts of time through revisions, and really opened my eyes to the huge world that is After Effects plugins — work smarter, not harder.

"I'd give [Room 214] 10 out of 10 stars...and would most certainly recommend [them] to anyone"- Karen, Hapyn
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