Panasonic TFE

Animation, Sound Design

I worked with Room 214 to produce this video as part of a full-funnel lead generation campaign called 'Total Fan Engagement'. This teaser video brought sports marketers deeper into the funnel which culminated in a fully-illustrated eBook on (you guessed it) Total Fan Engagement.

Panasonic Total Fan Engagement

How to get fans off the couch and into the stadium

The top-of-funnel Total Fan Engagement video was produced to bring some flair and excitement to an often-dreary and formulaic segment.

Exhibit A:

We worked with Brittany Hurdle, an award-winning illustrator to establish a minimally-branded but maximally-styled look and let the content do the talking. We a brought this video to life with dynamic, dramatic and exciting motion and sound effects.

Project Responsibilities

  • Animation
  • Asset prep
  • Sound Design
  • Final renders and delivery of files
  • Seeing X's and O's through my closed eyelids
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