Sir Bananas: This Milk is Bananas.

Animation, Design

Sir Bananas needed a set of :05, :15, and :30 ads to advertise food pairings to go along with their bananamilk . We expanded upon the style of their previous spots while keeping it more digestible by an older audience. Warning: this song will be stuck in your head for days.

Sir Bananas :05, :15, and :30 second preroll ads

This milk is bananas.

I worked with Room 214 to bring the energy of Sir Bananas' previous spots into a form more easily digestible (ha) (sorry) (not sorry) by an older target audience. In the process I learned that Banana Milk is surprisingly delicious, rigging a naturally-moving liquid horizon is challenging, and however much you love the song the first few hundred times you hear it, after a few long days animating it just might crop up in your nightmares (BANANA, BANANA).

Watch the other versions of the videos below:




Project Responsibilities:
  • Animation
  • Rotoscoping live-action food shots
  • Design & preparation of assets
  • Compositing & color correction
  • Final renders & delivery of files
  • Consumption of large amounts of banana milk
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