Dominos: The Internet

Lead Animator, Add'l Design

I was brought on by the legendary Legwork Studio to lead animation for a highly-modular project for Dominos Pizza celebrating the...interesting...culture of The Internet

I was fortunate enough to work with the legendary Legwork Studio (RIP) on a project for Dominos Pizza. They brought me on to lead animation for this project with the knowledge that there were going to be many variations and versions of this commercial. I started from the beginning with solid file organization, modular comps, and lots of expressions and master properties to keep everything organized & automated. Our version of the project resulted in 3 :30 spots, and a :15 cutdown.

What The Fluff

Gender Reveal Fail

:15 Cutdown


Director: Aaron Ray

Art Director: Mike Scarano

Animation: Brent Walker & John Camalick (Super Fresh)

Producer: Richie Robbins

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