Zespri Canvas Ad

Animation, Add'l Design

I worked with LRXD to repurpose existing static assets into an animated Facebook Canvas Ad

LRXD approached me to repurpose a ton of static assets for their Zespri Kiwifruiit campaign into an animated Facebook Canvas Ad. Starting with a layout they provided, I broke apart all the assets, and started animating. Heavily utilizing puppet pins & DUIK, I rigged & animated each asset, exported to spec & built out the ad on Facebook Ads Manager. After delivery, they were so happy with the work that they ran some additional ads based on the assets I'd provided. I was also approached later to animate the above video for a case study used for their website & an award submission.


Agency: LRXD

Creative & Art Director: Kelsey Steffes

Animation & Add'l Design: Brent Walker

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